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VOTED The Best Darn Donuts

in The COUNTY!

Chocolate Fried Cinnamon Roll

Cake Donuts ~ $1.15

Filled Donuts (Apple, Custard, Cream, Jelly) ~ $1.35

Fried Cinnamon Rolls topped with either Chocolate, Maple, Maple Nut Frosting or Plain GlazedĀ  ~ $1.35

Fritters (Apple, Caramel-Apple, Berry or Chocolate-Berry) ~ $1.50

1/2 Dozen Assorted Donuts~ $6.50
Dozen Assorted~ $9.50
Dozen Filled Only ~ $10.50
Dozen Fritters Only ~ $12.00

Donut Holes - Dozen (pre-orders only)~ $3.00

Mini Fritters - Dozen (pre-orders only)~ $4.25


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