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Cook with the Good Stuff!

Chef Shell has delicious cooking complements that can add flavor to any meal! With everything from vinagrettes and sauces to dips and seasonings, Chef Shell can help you make it the best! Check out the products below and start cooking with the good stuff!

Chef Shell's seasonings are all fat-free and MSG-free, from classic ethnic and hot blends to upscale wine vinaigrettes. With Chef Shell's help, today's busy cook can create quick, healthy, gourmet meals with a few simple ingredients. Any of the versatile wine vinaigrettes make a delicious salad dressing, meat marinade, or cooking sauce. And no pantry should be without Chef Shell's dip mixes – just mix the fruit dips with regular or non-fat sour cream or yogurt for a quick accompaniment to fresh fruit or cookies, or spread between cake layers for a no-guilt dessert!

Our other easy-to-mix dips make zesty toppings for salty snacks, baked potatoes, fresh vegetables, and pasta. Spice up your meat, fish, poultry, or vegetables with Chef Shell's specially-blended seasonings, or add passion to your meal with our line of sauces. Our products also make beautiful gifts; the wine vinaigrettes are attractively packaged and contain fresh fruit.

Roadkill Roy's BBQ Sauce
Awesome southern style. Sweet, a touch of smoke with a delicious tang.
12oz $7.00
Asian Style Sauce
Sweet, thick and sticky BBQ style sauce. Great as a dipping sauce.
8.5oz $7.00
Pepper Passion Marinade
Not spicy at all. A wonderful sauce for steaks, chicken, chops or plain old veggies! Vegetarians love this one.
10oz $7.00
Spicy Tropical Passion Sauce
Island flavors: pineapple, mango & papaya with just a touch of heat. Excellent to lightly glaze any meat, seafood, veggies or rice.
5oz $6.00
Roadkill Roy's Flaming Pepper Hot Sauce
Our hottest and best selling sauce! If you like Tabasco, this one has heat and FLAVOR! Great for hot wings.
5oz $6.00
Spicy Michigan Cherry Passion Sauce
Incredible Michigan Cherry flavor with just a touch of heat. This one is wonderful as a jerky marinade. Simply sprinkle on anything you're cooking the last few minutes.
5oz $6.00
Stir Fry Sauce
Awesome flavor! Like soy, teriaki, and au jus all in one! Just sprinkle on steaks, chicken, chops or stir fry.
5oz $6.00
Spicy Apricot Sauce 10oz $7.00
Spicy Blackberry Sauce 10oz $7.00
Spicy Cranberry Sauce 10oz $7.00
Spicy Pineapple Sauce 10oz $7.00
Spicy Raspberry Sauce 10oz $7.00

Blackberry Wine Vinaigrette 8.5oz $7.00
Cherry Wine Vinaigrette 8.5oz $7.00
Cranberry Vinaigrette (contains no wine) 8.5oz $7.00
Lemon Line Vinaigrette (contains no wine) 8.5oz $7.00
Peach Wine Vinaigrette 8.5oz $7.00
Raspberry Wine Vinaigrette 8.5oz $7.00
Plastic Shaker Top for Vinaigrette Bottles $0.50

Mulling Spice Mix
Simmer with wine, juice, or cider for a wonderful holiday treat!
Eastern Style Seasoning
Very nice touch with our Cranberry Vinaigrette.
3.38oz $6.00
Gourmet Meat Rub for Beef or Lamb
"I use this on almost everything!" ~ Chef Shell
2.75oz $6.00
Gourmet Meat Rub for Pork or Chicken
Wonderful seasoning for chops, roast.
2.75oz $6.00
Lemony Lemon Pepper
Fresh, zesty flavor!
3.75oz $6.00
Italian Style Seasoning
Wonderful addition to anything!
3.38oz $6.00
Special Blend Seasoning for Pork or Chicken 2.5oz $6.00

Dip Mixes
Hotcha Jalapeno Dip Mix
For the hot-lover in your life. Great flavor with a creeper heat.
.75oz $4.50
Isn't That Special Garden Dip Mix
Our version of a spinach dip. Perfect for dipping veggies.
1oz $4.50
Lemony Dilly Dip Mix
Awesome dill dip with a twist of lemon.
.75oz $4.50
Itsa Fiesta Salsa Mix
A must! Everybody needs a little salsa. Mix this one with 1 dozen fresh tomatoes or a 20oz can of diced tomatoes.
.75oz $4.50
Jalapenut Zinger Dip Mix
Unique flavor combination: jalapenos and peanut butter. If you like it hot -- here it is! Excellent for baking meats or on pasta.
1 $4.50
Let's Party Mix for Salmon
This one's a mouthful -- mix this one with tuna, crab, salmon or shrimp.
1 $4.50
Smokey Cheddar's Better
Nice blend of cheddar with a touch of smoke. Excellent as a baked potato topper or with veggies.
1.5oz $4.50
Vivacious Vanilla Fruit Dippin' Mix
Everything the name says and more.
4.5oz $4.50
Charmingly Chocolate Fruit Dippin' Mix
Soft chocolate flavor.
4.5oz $4.50
Perfectly Pistachio Fruit Dippin' Mix
Mark's favorite.
4.5oz $4.50
Scrumptious Strawberry Fruit Dippin' Mix
Pretty pink. Wonderful with strawberries.
4.5oz $4.50

RoadKill Roy T-Shirt
Proudly display your love for Roy to the world with this "RoadKill Rocks!" t-shirt!
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Shipping rates (via UPS) are as follows:
$7 for orders up to $29.99
$10 for orders of $30-$39.99
$15 for orders of $40-$49.99
$30 for orders of $50-$99.99
$35 for orders of $100 or more

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